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Jennifer King

Sales Associate

  • 407.595.3272
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"My clients never wonder whether their needs are important. I am driven by the goals of accelerating timeliness, over-achieving objectives, and going beyond expectations."

With an impressive past and her eye perpetually toward the future, Jennifer King has made a name for herself in Central Florida real estate as one of the most accomplished, respected, and well-liked real estate agents. Recognized by Orlando Magazine as one of Metro Orlando’s Hot 100 Realtors twice before the age of 30 and holding the title ever since then for nine consecutive years, Jennifer has made her mark with her commitment to exceptional service—because achieving true distinction can only come from years of dedication and success.

One of Central Florida’s youngest licensed real estate professionals, Jennifer earned her real estate license at the age of 22, shortly after graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Electrical Engineering. With nearly two decades of experience, Jennifer has been with Kelly Price & Company since the firm’s inception, averaging better than $10 million in annual sales during her first four years, and in 2007, setting a record $17 million in property sales—with many of those properties selling in 30 days or less. Continuing to make strides as a driving force in real estate, Jennifer spearheaded the formation of the Leasing/Property Management Division of Kelly Price & Company and now oversees this flourishing department, which has leased over 200 homes to date. Today, Jennifer is an authority in the field, serving as a highly sought-after listing agent, buyer’s agent, and property manager.

With Jennifer, expect nothing less than a seasoned expert who offers around the clock communication, unsurpassed market knowledge, and acute business savvy to help others successfully realize their real estate dreams with as much enjoyment and little stress as possible. When Jennifer first began her real estate career, an industry legend told her that “To maintain on top, you must always place the client’s needs ahead of your own.” Jennifer still makes that belief the center of everything that she does. She is laser-focused on the client, anticipating their needs and interests, always being three steps ahead to provide the highest level of personalized service. She is honest, transparent, and direct, earning her the reputation of being one of the most trusted real estate professionals in Central Florida. For years, she has served on the Grievance and Professional Standards Committees for the Board of Realtors, working to raise the caliber of professionalism within the field in an effort to shine a good light on dedicated, hardworking, and consummate real estate agents. To this end, Jennifer conducts her business with unwavering integrity. She is proud of her success, but ultimately, she only really feels successful when her clients are happy.

Outside of her work as a real estate broker, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her large and rambunctious family of five young boys—a rowdy and fun dynamic that has augmented her patience, problem-solving skills, and multi-tasking abilities. When she’s not watching her boys from the sidelines of the soccer field, together they love to volunteer with the local pet rescue organizations; all three of their dogs are rescues, with two being foster failures! Fun and laughter fill her household, and Jennifer radiates positivity and optimism through all areas of her life, always finding the silver lining and running with it.


Jennifer King

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