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Heidi Hudakoz

Sales Associate

  • 407.619.9444
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"I climbed the corporate ladder and gained respect from my colleagues. But for me, true success was found when I used my experience to help others find real solutions to their everyday real estate needs."

Born and raised in Orlando, Heidi understands the pulse and trends of the Central Florida marketplace. Using her knowledge, Heidi has developed a knack for finding the right solution for every real estate situation. Before joining the Kelly Price & Company team, Heidi obtained her degree from Valencia College and finished her BA from the University of Central Florida. At the same time, she was in an established, successful career with a large communication corporation where she was quickly promoted from one department to the next for her understanding of the industry beyond her peers. While there, Heidi realized helping people find real solutions was truly her passion. The corporate world limited her ability to help people face to face.

So in 2004, she obtained her real estate license with the hopes of achieving her passion. However, she made a conscious decision to place her education and career on hold, and care for a 6-month-old baby whose mother was unexpectedly deployed on an aircraft carrier, the USS Roosevelt, in 2005.

In 2006, she began her real estate career at a nationwide real estate firm where she once again studied the industry beyond her peers. Recognizing her efforts, senior brokers and partners took her under their wing and allowed her to assist in the organization’s planning of the real estate firms first-time homebuyer seminars pilot program where she successfully helped home buyers' dreams become a reality, while also assisting homeowners with short sales.

In 2012, the opportunity to join the full-service boutique firm was present; and the rest is history. When Heidi is not conducting real estate business, she spends her time deeply involved with charity work raising funds for learning centers for kids, for women with lupus, and nature reserves. Heidi is married to her husband Kip, and they have two sons, Troy and Kyle.


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Heidi Hudakoz

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