Client Testimonials

Seller - Winter Park


My sincere thanks for all your did for us - not only in selling the house in a very short time, but for the care and compassion you showed for my mother and I. From watering the plants, sending our mail, referring me to fantastic resources, managing every aspect of the sale and move to the lovely dinner during my last trip to Winter Park - you are truly the best!
A Satisified Seller

John S. - Winter Park


Dear Kelly,
I just wanted to drop you a letter, even though it has been a long time, and express my appreciation to you once again for the way you handled my father-in-law's townhouse sale.  I recognize that John Kiser was the agent involved but your expert guidance through what has proven to be a very turbulent time may very well have saved my wife and her brother $50,000 or more.  Any mistakes along the way such as a failure to revise the pricing appropriately, an inability to process a VA loan effectively, or bumbled negotiation could very well have caused this sale to fall through.  Considering the prospect of significant monthly expenses, I can only imagine how frustrated we could all be if this was not so expertly concluded.
On another note, I have really enjoyed the market snapshots that John Kiser sends out periodically.  I do not know how these are received by prospective clients but if I were interested in selling my house it sure would give me a sense that your organization is really on top of things.
Hope all is going well with you,
John S.
Winter Park

Liz H. - Maitland


Hi Pam Ryan,
I am finally back to the world of working.  Yesterday, I moved the LAST of my stuff out of the Stone Hill house and did major cleaning.  I finished up at 10 pm last night and feel GREAT today!!
I would like to THANK you and Kelly for the Robb and Stuckey gift certificate!  I was surprised and excited.  I know just what I want to buy - a small floor lamp for reading and/or another small desk lamp for Larry's office!  You are so kind and probably the most helpful real estate agent that I have ever encountered.
We would like to invite you and Kelly to join us for cocktails at our new home on Brightwater Circle.  You can see the little bit of refurbishment that I have done with the house.  It is very comfortable  and we really like it!
Liz H.